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Welcome to CAAAELII

In 1996, the Coalition of African, Arab, Asian, European and Latino Immigrants of Illinois (CAAAELII) was formed in response to the drastic changes in the immigration and welfare reform laws. At that time, 13 different ethnic community organizations banded and worked together to help immigrant and refugee communities learn English, pass their US Citizenship naturalization exams and integrate them into US mainstream society.

Currently, CAAAELII has evolved and grown to 32 ethnic community based organizations (CBOs) located in 16 different ethnic neighborhoods throughout Chicago and suburbs.  How is CAAAELII affecting social change now?

BUILDING CAPACITY = CAAAELII is providing organizational capacity building and technical assistance to 11 small and emerging ethnic community organizations, GROW Project.  This program is in partnership with Loyola University of Chicago Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Sector Program.

DEVELOPING YOUNG IMMIGRANT LEADERS IN ORGANIZING = CAAAELII is developing strong leadership, organizing and health promotion among immigrant and second-generation youth in the Youth Health Service Corps (YHSC) Project. Maria Ferrera, PhD, LCSW, Asst. Professor at DePaul University is providing the impact study of the Youth Health Service Corps (YHSC). 

PROVIDING BASIC SKILLS FOR INTEGRATION = CAAAELII is working with its partner agencies and providing them resources for basic skills and training for successful integration into mainstream society, ACTION/FLIP. These programs include adult volunteer literacy services; Active Citizen Technology In Our Neighborhood (ACTION) low-level technology curriculum and classes; and Financial Literacy for Immigrant Populations (FLIP) low-level financial literacy curriculum and classes.

PROMOTING DIASPORA GIVING = CAAAELII is promoting local and global diaspora giving as immigrants and refugees are interconnected to both their homeland country and their new adopted community which is global Chicago. Click here for more information about the Diaspora Donors Network.

CAAAELII model for change

 Service + Organizing = Social Change

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